Flight of the conchords

Я не могу от них оторваться, ну до чего улетная парочка :)))))
Слушаю весь их репертуар уже два дня.

Bret: Hello.
Jemaine: Hi.
Bret: Hello man sitting in the park.
Jemaine: I just said hi, woman in the park.
Bret: How you doin'?
Jemaine: Mmm'good thanks.
Bret: Your looking good.
Jemaine: Pardon?
Bret: I said you're looking good.
Jemaine: Fair enough.
Bret: 'Jenny
Jemaine: Pardon?
Bret: Jenny
Jemaine: No I am sorry I think you've mistaken me for somebody else
Bret: No it's me, I'm jenny, my name is Jenny
Jemaine: Oh You're'oh' Ha ha ha ha' I thought' oh' what a hilarious misunderstanding. Nice to meet you Jenny
Bret: We've met before - quite a few times actually.
Jemaine: Yes of course we have. I meant it was nice to meet you that time that I met you. Where was it that we met that time that I met you when I met you?
Bret: At a party.
Jemaine: That's right! Wasn't it one of those boring work parties?
Bret: No.
Jemaine: That's why I said wasn't it. It was the party of a mutual friend. - Was it? - Wasn't it? - Was it? - Wasn't it?
Bret: Yes it was.
Jemaine: Yeah, I thought so. Oh'Bobby's.
Bret: No
Jemaine: Doug's?
Bret: No
Jemaine: D-dog's?
Bret: No
Jemaine: Maxwell's?
Bret: No
Jemaine: Andy's?
Bret: Yes Andy's
Jemaine: Yeah Andy's party, ooh that's right. Ooh, Andy knows how to throw a party, doesn't he Jenny?
Bret: Yeah, I love Andy's parties!
Jemaine: I love Andy's parties. What crazy parties. How is that guy anyway?
Bret: She's good
Jemaine: Ooh that's right, Andy hates it when I forget that.
Bret: We watched a movie.
Jemaine: Yeah'it was something like but not necessarily Schindler's List. We watched it and we wept
Bret: It was Police Academy 4. We went for a walk
Jemaine: On our feet if I remember correctly.
Bret: We walked to the top of the hill and we ate sandwiches.
Jemaine: Oh, We'd just grab a sandwich and put it in our mouths. Oh, that's the only way to have sandwiches. Oh Jenny, tell me do you still walk? Do you still get into sandwiches in a big way?
Bret: Still walk a lot but I am not eating as many sandwiches as back then
Jemaine: Uh'
Bret: Do you remember what we did up there at the top of the hill?
Jemaine: Kind of'
Bret: We were standing at the look out
Jemaine: Oh, I remember exactly what we did at the look out. We just looked out' across the city from our little spot on the hilltop. Oh, It is so pretty from way up there. We talked about how the lights from the buildings and cars seemed like reflections of the stars that shined out so pretty and bright, that night.
Bret: It was daytime.
Jemaine: The daytime of the night.
Bret: Do you remember what you said to me?
Jemaine: Not word for word actually Jenny, but I remember there was some verbs.
Bret: Well you said meet me here in one year. You just needed some time to clear your head, and you seem to have done that.
Jemaine: La la la la la la la la la la la la la.
Bret: We have a child.
Jemaine: Pardon?
Bret: We have a child.
Jemaine: Why didn't you tell me, Jenny? Why didn't you tell me that day when we went to the top of the hill and we made sweet, oh how we made such sweet, sweet sandwiches. Does it have my eyes, my way with words? Does it look like me at all?
Bret: No, not at all 'cause we adopted him. I can't believe you don't remember, it was a very difficult process!
Jemaine: Oh'uh, oh'are you sure that was me Jenny?
Bret: Yes I am pretty sure that it was you, John.
Jemaine: I'm Brian
Bret: Oh my god! I'm so sorry!
Jemain: Oh don't worry!
Bret: That's terrible!
Jemain: Oh don't worry!
Bret: How embarrassing!
Jemain: Oh don't worry, Jenny, I am kinda relieved! That kinda thing just happens all the time. I've just got one of those faces I suppose.
Bret: So does John, he's got one of those faces as well. Hahaha, oh yeahhhh.


  1. Oh my! You really ARE hooked! Glad I could introduce the show to you.... I love it so much :~)

    Have you seen these songs?:
    ~Carol Brown (Stick Around)
    ~Cello Tape

    Those are my favorites :~)

  2. Спасибо за ролик и текст к нему, немного вспомнила английский, повеселилась.